About Natura

Historically, Indonesia is an archipelago renowned for its rich natural resources and traditionally has taken center stage of the world's spice trade. In the past the Spice Road was instrumental in facilitating trade between east and west in commodities such as clove, nutmeg, coffee, tea and tobacco.  

Although modernized and privatized, the trade activity between Indonesia and the western economies is as strong as ever. Indonesia still maintains a dominant position with respect to the supply of some of these Indonesia native natural resources. Most notably, clove derivatives, patchouli and other essential oils that are widely used in the Flavors and Fragrances Industry.

PT Natura Aromatik Nusantara was established in 2014 to take advantage of the close proximity to the source materials and work hand in hand with farmers and communities to harvest raw materials sustainably and convert them into Products that are in high demand elsewhere in the world. Founded in collaboration with three industry experts, Natura Aromatik has grown from strength to strength over the past 4 years. 


Our vision is to become Indonesia’s preferred producer and supplier for the flavors & fragrances industry by offering a mixed product portfolio of aroma chemicals, essential oils and extracts to maximize our value proposition to our worldwide customer base.


We produce and supply consistent and high quality Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils and Extracts to Traders, Flavors & Fragrances Houses and End Users that operate within the Flavors & Fragrances industry

Our customer base is global and our accelerated growth is driven by a balanced geographical expansion

Our focus is on establishing long term partnerships with our customers, which will flourish based on a mutual alignment with our core company values

We leverage Indonesia origin raw materials in a sustainable manner that benefits environment, community and adheres to international governance standards



To grow together with our local partners, the Indonesian farmers who share a collective long term interest with us to nurture the Indonesia’s raw materials and natural resources to achieve sustainable growth of our communities. The successful achievement of this goal will inevitably put Indonesia - the 2nd richest country in the world in terms of biodiversity (2nd only to Brazil)– back on the international supply chain map for ingredients for the flavors & fragrances industry

Process & Technology

The best quality products originate from a combination of the best ingredients, the right process and international accredited technology standards. We select and source only the best quality raw materials from Indonesia, traceable and accountable with consistent supply. We leverage our 10,000m2 warehouse facility to support our purchasing strategy and offer price stability to our global customer base.


We constantly listen to our Partners’ needs and requirements, and deliver safe & high-quality products, services and value. We intend to foster growth through lasting relationships with our partners by adopting pleasant, responsive and respectful business practices.


We recognize that strong individual development and successful growth of business are inseparable. That’s why recognizing people as our most valuable asset is the basis of our business, as we create an environment in which each employee is valued, empowered and encouraged to grow.