Safety & Quality

Our organization is established by dedicated & passionate people, who have many years of relevant industry experience. We share common values, such as Trust / Integrity/ Sustainability/ Professionalism and Accountability that are our guiding principles in everything we do in Natura. We are firm believers that it is these values that will provide a solid foundations based on which the partnerships with our customers will grow and prosper . This in combinations with our relentless focus and commitment on quality and food safety , provides the oxygen for mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Research & Innovation

We believe the quality of product is determined by careful research, right process and appropriate procedure. Besides consistent in making high quality products, Natura’s R&D team continue to conduct research to enhance and develop new high quality products, including investing in the development of research laboratories, machinery, and other facilities.

Laboratory and factory in Natura are equipped with sophisticated equipment and machines that support the production process and to produce high quality products. We have certified with ISO 9001: 2015, Halal and Kosher and have complied with international regulatory standards, such as REACH compliance, CTPAT as well as our facilities have been registered in FDA. We are also member of IFEAT and DAI.